Kwanzaa Is Satan! John 10:10

Kwanzaa Is Satan! John 10:10
The Greatest Deception of The 20th & 21st Century! Karenga – Kwanzaa – Kawaida (The Black KKK)


By Barbara A. De Loach
a.k.a. – Tikisa

The Untold True Story, About Dr. Ron Karenga, The Creator of Kwanzaa, is Revealed

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Kwanzaa had been in existence, for many years before the Internet. It went Global, because of the Internet. I know you have, probably heard, the old cliché, ‘If you give, the Devil an inch, he will take a mile.’ And, that’s what, he did. Now, Karenga is calling Kwanzaa, a Miracle!

Karenga began the celebration of Kwanzaa, on the day, after Christmas. He knew that Christians were still celebrating, our Lord’s Birth; and that we would, continue to celebrate until at least, New Year’s Day. And, now he is telling his celebrants, to start preparing to celebrate Kwanzaa on Thanksgiving Day! Why, Thanksgiving Day? Because he knows, that a lot of us Christians, start celebrating, Jesus Christ’s, Immaculate Birth, on Thanksgiving Day. Why on Thanksgiving Day? Because, Jesus Christ, is the reason, that Christians are thankful!

Deception has gotten people, to celebrate Kwanzaa, without realizing, that it is Religious. And, even worse than that, some misinformed people, have started celebrating, Kwanzaa, in July! Some Scholars, say that according to the Hebrew calendar Jesus Christ was born sometime around September or October, and not in December. However, it doesn’t matter to me. What does matter, is the fact that, He was born! So, December is good enough for me.

I remember Karenga, mocking Jesus Christ, in Soul Sessions. For example, he told everyone, “That Mary, the earthly Mother of Jesus Christ, was a whore.” He said, “She had sex, with so many different men, that she didn’t know, who the Father, of her unborn child, was.” He went on to say, “Mary lied, to save her life, because, in those days, they would stone a woman, to death for having sex, without being married.”

He further stated, “Jesus does not look like us, so, why should we bow-down to a blue-eyed White man?” He said, “Control is the reason, that the White man, wanted the Black man, to celebrate, worship, and praise their God.” He said, “When our Ancestors, were taken, from Africa, they were brainwashed, by the system, to worship their God. And, taking all, those facts, and looking at, all the pictures, of Jesus Christ, and his Mother Mary, clearly shows, that Christmas, is a White man’s holiday, and not meant, for Black folks to celebrate!”

Karenga didn’t put Kwanzaa, in February; because it would not fit into a Black History Month. It wouldn’t fit because it had nothing to do with the History of Black Americans. Karenga, wanted it to be included amongst the other Religions being celebrated, at that time of the year; the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah, and the Christian Holiday of Christmas. My spirit was grieved when I found out, how Kwanzaa, had infiltrated God’s Church! How dare Karenga try to STEAL JESUS CHRIST’S GLORY! And, how dare the Body of Christ let him do it! God’s Church was SILENT!

Paperback; Ebook | 332 pages | 978-0692188033 | September 9, 2018