The Self-Esteem Empowerment (SEE) Workshops

Positive self-esteem is the single most important psychological skill we can develop in order to thrive in society.  Having self-esteem means being (Godly) proud of ourselves and experiencing that (Godly) pride from within.

Without self-esteem, kids doubt themselves, cave in to peer pressure, feel worthless or inferior, and may turn to drugs or alcohol as a crutch.  With self-esteem, kids feel secure inside themselves, are more willing to take positive risks, are more likely to take responsibility for their actions, can cope with life’s changes and challenges, and are resilient in the face of rejection, disappointment, failure, and defeat.

Self-esteem is not conceit, it’s not arrogance, and it’s not superiority.  Unfortunately, it’s often confused with all three (and also with narcissism, egotism, and disrespect), which has contributed to a “self-esteem backlash.”  You’ve probably seen the articles and heard the assertions that too much self-esteem is bad for kids.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Indiscriminate praise, flattery, social promotion, and falsely inflated self-worth are bad for kids, but those aren’t what self-esteem is about.  Self-esteem is based on facts and truths, achievements and competencies.  The more self-esteem kids have, and the stronger it is, the better equipped they are to make their way in the world.

Self-esteem isn’t something we’re born with.  It’s something we learn, which means it can be taught.  We believe that all children should be taught the skills of personal power and positive self-esteem at home and in the classroom, right along with reading, writing, and arithmetic.  All of these “basics” work hand-in-hand.  And, it also needs to be taught in the Church Classrooms! 

“The Self-Esteem Empowerment (SEE) Workshops” are AWESOME!  The Children, and Youth, will learn skills & techniques that they can use to be more confident in every area of their life!  We will deal with ‘Real Life Issues’ in Fun and Exciting ways, as we play and talk together. The Participants will be amazed at how successful they can become in the Real World right NOW!

The Participants will role play, discuss their “God Given Gifts,” and how to discover them! They will work in group exercises, and engage in many powerful activities, that will prove to be life changing!


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